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Ditton Park Academy is committed to achievement for all, ensuring that every one of our students reach their full potential.  We promote high aspirations through our More Able Gifted and Talented (G&T) programme and celebrate success throughout the Academy.

The term ‘More Able’ is used to describe students who demonstrate abilities in one or more subject area which is at a level significantly ahead of the majority of their year group, or with the potential to develop those abilities. The ‘gifted’ are those with high ability in one or more academic subject, and the ‘talented’ are those with high ability in sport, music, visual arts and/or performing arts.

We identify More Able students during the first term of Year 7 through data, CAT scores and key stage 2 results, and through departmental nomination/performance.

A  CAT score of 127+ would trigger automatic inclusion on the register. As a student progresses through the Academy other data can also be used – for example a Level 8 in Maths at the end of Year 8. The most able 5% - 10% of students in the Academy will be supported and stretched in their areas of excellence.

We use the following definition, which has been agreed by all staff, to identify students for inclusion on the register:


The most able students:

  • show an exceptional ability. This might be in a curriculum area such as mathematics, music, art or sport, or be a in a less easily acknowledged area such as leadership, creative imagination or social maturity.
  • possesses a general academic learning ability that is significantly greater than that of most of their peers.


In general, the most able children exhibit some or all of the following characteristics at various times:

  • have a wide vocabulary
  • ask lots of relevant questions and learn much more quickly than others
  • have a very retentive memory
  • are extremely curious and able to concentrate for long periods on subjects that they are interested in
  • have a wide general knowledge and an interest in the world
  • enjoy problem solving
  • have a vivid imagination which is used creatively
  • show strong feelings and opinions
  • can put forward balanced, reasoned arguments
  • have an odd sense of humour
  • set high standards for themselves and are perfectionists
  • lose interest when asked to do more of the same
  • have exceptional physical control and coordination
  • are able to transfer the use of information from one situation to another
  • are able to empathise with others
  • are ambitious, and have the determination to fulfil these ambitions

The majority of differentiation for More Able students takes place in subject lessons; we aim to enable all students, whatever their ability, to realise their full potential. This does not mean that the most able will get more work, but that the work they do will be more challenging.

There are also enrichment activities, such as university visits, visiting speakers, etc., which are specifically for the most able. We have contacts with Royal Hollway, Burnel and Reading Universities.

The Academy also runs a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities open to all students which allows them to develop skills and have experiences which will benefit their all-round education. Details of these are available on notice boards around the Academy and are regularly advertised during registration by mentors.

How can parents support their Able, Gifted and Talented child(ren) at home?

There are many sites on the internet which can help parents in many different ways. Please find below a list of web pages that are useful for your Able, Gifted and Talented child(ren) in various areas.




National Association for Gifted Children


NAGC works with the whole family to support the child who is gifted and talented.

London Gifted and Talented



London Gifted & Talented offers both online activities to challenge gifted and talented learners and resources to advise and support their parents.

National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE)


NACE Provides able, gifted and talented support and resources mainly to teachers but parents are also likely to find these materials of interest.

Family Education - Gifted and Talented


Is your child bright, or truly gifted? Learn the difference and find activities and games to challenge his/her mind, and tips and resources to keep him/her centred.



Mensa provides a forum for intellectual exchange among members. Its activities include the exchange of ideas by lectures, discussions, journals, special-interest groups, and local, regional, national, and international gatherings; the investigations of members' opinions and attitudes; and assistance to researchers, inside and outside Mensa, in projects dealing with intelligence or Mensa."

The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children


The World Council for G&T Children is a non-profit international organisation, dedicated to the needs of gifted and talented children throughout the world.

American fun maths site

Augusta's Gifted Resources Centre

BBC School online




Inspirational ideas in engineering


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