National Indoor Rowing Championships


On Friday 11th March 2016, our rowing team took part in the National Indoor Rowing Championships at Lee Valley. The whole squad did fantastically well…each of them absolutely smashing their Personal Bests.

The star of the day was Amber Bryan, out of approximately 250 rowers in her category, she won the silver medal! Ditton Park Academy may have just found their first Olympic Athlete!!

Congratulations to the whole squad; Ben Holmes, Sophie Scattergood, Noraiz Ahmed, Tyrese Panue, Dylan Clarke, Namira Kashif, Madison Oram and Amber Bryan.

We also owe a huge thank you Mr Basson and Mrs Johnson for supporting the squad and taking them to this amazing competition.

Year 7 girls

Amber- 513m (2nd out of 298)

Namira- 439m (141st out of 298)

Maddie- 434m (151st out of 298)

Year 7 boys

Dylan and Noraiz 472m (both 52nd out of 198)

Tyrese- 463m (66th out of 198)

Year 8 girls

Sophie- 709m (57th out of 283)

Year 8 boys

Ben- 674m (162nd out of 235)


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