GCSE English Literature and Language focuses on skills such as reading comprehension, reading critically and writing accurate.  The skills can be broken down into the following:


  • Literal and inferential comprehension: understanding a word, phrase of sentence in context; exploring aspects of plot, characterisation, events and settings; distinguishing between what is stated explicitly and what is implied; explaining motivation, sequence of events, and the relationship between actions or event.
  • Critical reading: identifying and distinguishing between themes; supporting a point of view by referring to evidence in the text; recognising the possibility of evaluating different responses to a text; using understanding of the writer’s social, historical and cultural contexts to inform evaluation; making an informed personal response that derives from analysis and evaluation of the text
  • Evaluation of the writer’s choice of vocabulary, grammatical and structural features: analysing and evaluating how language, structure, form and presentation contribute to quality and impact; using linguistic and literary terminology for such evaluation
  • Comparing texts: comparing and contrasting texts studies, referring where relevant to theme, characterisation, context (where know), style and literary quality; comparing two texts critically with these skills


  • Producing clear and coherent text; writing effectively about literature for a range of purposes such as: to describe, explain, summarise, argue, analyse and evaluate; discussing and maintaining a point of view; selecting and emphasising key points, using relevant quotation and using details textural references

Accurate standard English; accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar

Module Year 9
1 Applying critical perspectives (Lit and Lang)
2 Narrative study: Stone cold (Lit and Lang)
3 Blood Brothers by Willy Russell (Lit)
4 Unseen poetry (Lit)
5 Writers viewpoints and perspective/Non-fiction writing (Lang)
6 Speaking and listening/Explorations in creative reading and writing (Lang)
Module Year 10
1 Macbeth - assessed on literature skills A01/A02/A03/A04
2 Macbeth continued and writing non-fiction - assessed on A05 A06 language
3 A Christmas Carol - assessed on Literature Skills A01/A02/A03/A04
4 Language paper two - comparing texts - assessed on A01/A02/A03/A04 language
5 Power and conflict poetry anthology - assessed on Literature skills A01/A02/A03/A04
6 Unseen poetry - assessed on Literature skills A01/A02
Module Year 11
1 Speaking and listening/revsist Blood Brothers
2 Revisit literature paper 2: Power and conflic poetry/unseen poetry
3 English Language skills
4 Revisit Literature paper 2: Macbeth and A Christmas Carol
5 Exams skills
6 Exams


Students will be assessed on a variety of texts including pre 19th Century Shakespeare, modern prose and poetry.


Shakespeare and 19th Century novel

1hr 45 mins

Modern prose and poetry

2hrs 15 mins


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