The AQA combined science route will be followed and this will mean the topics studied will be from within the new GCSE Programme of Study.

The course is designed to give opportunities to all students to enable them to meet their aspirations while learning about many interesting aspects of science.

Combined Science Year 9 students will be taught for 4 periods per week.  Each period lasts 50 minutes.  Individual pupil performance and progress will be consistently and closely monitored and all decisions made in relation to courses and examination entries will be done so with the best interests of students, their potential and best grade outcomes and future aspirations in mind.

Module Year 9
1 and 2

Bio-cells and organisms

Chem-atoms structure

Phys-energy movements

3 and 4

Bio-diseases treatment and prevention

Chem-structure and bonding

Phys-particles at work

5 and 6


Chem-making salts

Phys-forces in action

The Key Stage 4 Science will provide an essential part of all of our students’ education and qualifications.

Students opting to take GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Triple Science) will study all 3 sciences as discrete subjects.  The three will be delivered with intention of achieving the highest grade possible for every individual and students will receive an additional 3 science lessons every week.

These courses will provide stretch and challenge with the opportunity to study all 3 sciences in depth.


Comprehensive performance reviews take place throughout the year, internal examinations and progress tracking will be used to make appropriate changes as required.


Combined Science

Total of 7 hours

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

3hrs 30 minutes each



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