The GCSE is a 3 Year linear course which builds upon knowledge of topics and grammar studied in Year 7 and 8. 

During the first year of the course, students will extend their knowledge of the language creatively with a focus on gaining a sound grammatical base.  Students will develop their skills further in Years 10 and 11 in a variety of contexts, extending their ability to understand and respond to spoken and written French.  They will practise speaking and writing French with increased accuracy as well as be able to give and justify their opinions on various issues.

Module Year 9
1 Past tense, hobbies (reading, cinema)
2 The Future
3 Health
4 People and celebrities
5 Let's go, Holidays and travel
6 Young people's rights

The course covers the following contexts:

  • Theme 1
    Identity and Culture
  • Theme 2
    Local, National, International and Global areas of interest
  • Theme 3
    Current and Future study and employment
This qualification provides a foundation for the further study of French at AS and A-level.


Students can be entered for different tiers in Listening, Reading and Writing


Unit 1 - Listening

Foundation 35 mins   Higher 45 mins     Weighting 25%

Unit 2 – Reading

Foundation 45 mins   Higher 1hr

Weighting 25%

Unit 3 – Writing

Foundation 1hr    Higher 1hr 15 mins

Weighting 25%

Unit 4 – Speaking

Externally marked

Weighting 25%


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