Physical Education (PE) Core non-exam

The curriculum in Year 9 will be a set programme of activities in one lesson each week and a pathway choice in their second weekly lesson.  In Years 10 and 11 it will be a balance between set activities and options.

The aim of the practical lessons is to give students the opportunity to participate in physical activities conducive to a healthy lifestyle and to have the opportunity to reach their sporting potential.  They will be taught and encouraged to develop a positive approach to sport which can be continued into adult life, with an emphasis on physical well-being and enjoyment.  Students will learn through: formal teaching; movement experience; sports education; individual, small group and team activities.  They will also develop their ability to analyse performance.

Module Year 9
1 Football, Netball, Invasion
2 Basketball, badminton, fitness
3 Basketball, badminton, fitness
4 Softball, badminton, fitness
5 softball, rounders, athletics
6 Athletics, Cricket


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