Students opting for Geography will take the following route:

Year 9 they will complete a Foundation Course; in Years 10 and 11 students will follow the GCSE Geography course.

The Foundation course aims to build on the learning in Years 7 and 8, continuing to develop subject knowledge for the GCSE, and developing geographical skills that are important for completing the GCSE successfully - skills such as decision making exercises, research projects, fieldwork projects and map work skills.  There will be a field trip to The Broads to investigate sustainable management of the environment and tourism in this area of outstanding natural beauty.

Foundation Course Structure

The contents of this course will help Year 9 students to appreciate differences and similarities between places, people and environments.  They will explore the social, environmental and political connections between places, and aspects of interdependence.

Foundation Course Themes:

  • Development
  • The Ocean
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Tourism
  • Global Fashion
  • Close up on China
  • Our world in 2030
Module Year 9
1 Preparing for GCSE (Generic and Specific Geographical skills: Graphical and Cartographic)
2 Mapping Skills
3 GCSE Unit 1 Global Issues Part 1 Earth Hazards
4 GCSE Unit 1 Global Issues Part 2 Development
5 GCSE Unit 1 Global Issues Part 3 Cities
6 GCSE Unit 1 Global Issues Part 3 Cities
Module Year 10
1 Weather Hazards: Tropical cyclones
2 Tectonic Hazards: Earthquakes and Volcanoes
3 Urbanisation: Megacity Case study (Mumbai)
4 UK Physical Geography: Rivers and Coasts in the UK
5 UK Human Geography (UK city case study)
6 Field work (2 x fieldwork studies and project write-up)
Module Year 11
1 Human and Physical Fieldwork - Fieldwork dates 19th and 24th September
2 Population Change in the UK
3 River Landforms and Processes
4 Coastal Landforms and Processes
5 Revision
6 Revision

GCSE Course Structure

The course is based around the study of four key themes:

  • Living with the physical environment
  • Challenges in the human environment
  • Geographical applications
Geographical skills


3 written exams at the end of the course.


  1. The Challenge of natural hazards, Living World, Physical Landscapes
    Written Exam 1hr 30mins
    Weighting 35%
  2. Urban issues and challenges and the Changing economic world
    Written exam 1hr 30 mins
    Weighting 35%
  3. Issue evaluation and fieldwork
    Written exam 1hr 15 mins
    Weighting 30%


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