This specification fosters candidates’ creativity, personal growth, self-confidence, communication and analytical skills through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding and the exercise of the imagination.  It provides opportunities for students to attend professional and community dramatic performances and to develop their skills as informed and thoughtful audience members.

They will investigate the forms, styles and contexts of Drama and will learn to work collaboratively to develop ideas, to express feelings, to experiment with technical elements and to reflect on their own and others’ performances.

Year 9

Students will learn the Drama strategies and performance skills necessary to create effective performance.  They will evaluate and analyse their own and other’s performances and experiment with theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski, Brecht and styles such as Theatre in Education and Physical Theatre.  They will complete a Mock Unit 1 and Mock Unit 1.  In the Summer term they will begin their devising process, choosing a practitioner or style of performance in which they are interested.  They will read their assigned play-script and complete textual analysis over the summer.

Module Year 9
1 Introduction to GCSE Drama

The Journey (mini unit 2 - Devising Drama)

Sytlised and ensemble devising.

Supporting portfolio.


The Journey continued

Live theatre review

(Unit 1 - understanding drama)


Study of Play


(Unit 1 - Understanding Drama written paper)


Study of Play continued

Mock Unit 1 paper


Unit 3 - Texts in Practice

Duologues and Monologues from page to stage.

Year 10

Term 1

Component 3 Preparation.  Responding to stimuli, devising skills/techniques

Introduction to theatre practitioners and performance styles

Term 2

Component 1 Written Exam preparation.

Study of Theatre Roles

Study of Blood Brothers

Live Theatre reviews

Term 3

Component 2 preparation: Presentation of a Play

Component 3: The final devised assessment

Year 11

Creating a professional theatre company which will produce an original production.  Students will learn how to create an overall production and design concept.  Learn how to

  • Manage front of house
  • Manage backstage
  • Advertising
  • Choosing scripts
  • Allocating roles
  • Creating music
  • Lighting
  • Creating the set
  • Costumes
Students will then produce and perform both at school and onstage at a professional theatre.  The production will be evaluated by a professional director invited into the school.


Students can achieve grades 9-1



Performance       Weighting   20%

Portfolio               Weighting  40%

Paper Exam         Weighting  40%


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