Computing gives students the opportunity to discover how computer technology works and to take a look at what goes on “behind the scenes”.  Students will acquire the skills to design, write and test computer programmes like Python as well as look at the development of computer technology and the effects it has had on the world around us.

Computing is delivered in 5 hours a fortnight and students will take three years to build their skills and understanding to complete their GCSE and will therefore certificate at the end of Year 11.

In Year 9, students learn the fundamental concepts of computer coding using Python.  Students complete different assignments that build their programming skills and understanding so that by the end of the Year 10 and the start of Year 11 they can successfully complete the controlled assessment tasks.

Module Year 9
1 Computer Grime & Cyber Security
2 Digital literacy
3 Game maker
4 Python: next steps
5 Databases: GCSE work
6 Communication and Networking
Module Year 10
1 Paper 01 Computer Systems
2 Paper 01 Computer Systems
3 Paper 02 Algorithms/Flow Charts/Pseudo Code plus Programming Practice for NEA
4 Algorithms/Flow Charts/Pseudo Code Programming Practice for NEA
5 Algorithms/Flow Charts/Pseudo Code Programming Practice for NEA
6. Algorithms/Flow Charts/Pseudo Code Programming Practice for NEA
Module Year 11
1 NEA (Programming Project)
2 NEW (Programming Project)
3 Paper 01 (Computing Systems
4 Paper 02 (Algorithms & Programming)
5 Revision
6 Revision

Computing is a more specialist course than ICT and students must have the ability to think logically and have a good knowledge of Mathematics.  This course would suit students who are targeted at least a B in Mathematics at GCSE.


2 written examinations and 1 report


Unit 1 Computer Systems and Programming

Written Exam (1hr 30 mins)  Weighting  40%


Unit 2 Written Assessment

Written exam  1hr 30mins

Weighting 40%


Unit 3 Programming Project


(20 hours – candidates create solutions to computing tasks from a set of options supplied by the exam board)

Weighting 20%


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