Media Studies

This is a 3 year course, consisting of three coursework tasks and an exam at the end of Year 11.

After an introduction to the course, students will spend most of their time working on the following tasks:

Assignment 1

Analyse the cover pages of magazines and how they attract an audience, before producing your own magazine cover for a specific audience of your choice.

Assignment 2

Study a range of film promotion materials (trailers, posters etc) and consider their effectiveness.  Students will then produce promotional material for a film of their choice, using both print/web-based and audio-visual (TV/film) based media

In Year 11 students will make their final assignment choice from a range of briefs (music, video or advertising), before preparing for their summer exam.


Candidates are assessed throughout the course with final moderation and assessment at the end.


Coursework  Weighting 40%

Exam  Weighting 60%


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