Maximise your Potential


YEAR 10 Study Skills Seminar – AMRIT GILL AM 23

Thursday 22nd February 2018

On the 22.2.18 our Year 10’s had a great session by “Maximize Your Potential”, it was a study skills session seminar. In this session we were told lots of motivational stories and good tips on how to do better at school. Mr Dry gave us many tips on revision and we left with a helpful booklet as well.

I really enjoyed the session, especially the stories about Mohammed Ali, Jessica Ennis and Usain Bolt. These stories motivated me to study hard and have higher aspirations. Some of the stories were very interesting and it made realise that I should be grateful the things I have such as access to full time education.

Furthermore, the session provided me with useful tips which I liked for example, be early. Be early for everything. It shows you are keen, prepared and willing. I wrote this down as a target. Another motivational quote: “Impossible is Nothing”, which encouraged the Year 10 to be ambitious.

I took away from the day a range of different ways to revise such as flashcards, mind maps, posters everywhere and use your phone to record/film/photograph yourself and key points.

I am really thankful I had the chance to experience “Maximize Your Potential” study skills seminar.


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