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Year 7 Catch-up Premium

The Year 7 Catch-up Premium is paid to schools to support them with students that join with low prior attainment from Primary school. Specifically, £500 is given for each child that do not attain at least a level 4 in English (reading) and Maths SATs at Key Stage 2.

The money is paid to the Academy at the end of January each year by the Educational Funding Agency. The additional funding can be used as the school decides and need not be spent in any single year.

All students starting Ditton Park Academy are tested for both literacy and numeracy levels on entry and then in every subsequent year. The results are used to identify those students in need of support with either literacy or numeracy.

Our staff run the Intensive Literacy Programme (ILP) and the Intensive Numeracy Programme (INP) throughout the year. In the INP and ILP students work in a small groups with a specialist teachers or support member of staff.



The Pupil Premium is a grant allocated to all schools which seeks to raise the attainment of disadvantaged students. For secondary schools the main grant is £935 for every student on roll, who has, in the past six years, qualified for Free School Meals.






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