Studying English at Ditton Park allows every student the opportunity to engage with a variety of methods of communication as well as studying a variety of texts. This studying of different texts introduces students to new concepts, cultures and ideas that then provide a stepping stone for future investigation.

All students study aspects of English language and literature through various means such as poetry, plays, the media and novels. This allows them to develop an awareness of not only the world around them, seen through different perspectives but also to develop an enquiring mind that fosters a culture of life long learning.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed to ensure students learn the key skills they need in order to achieve high grades in their GCSEs, as well as ensuring English is an enjoyable subject, accessible to students of all abilities. They cover a wide variety of subjects, including: drama texts, media, modern novels, poetry, and creative writing.

Students are also given the opportunity to develop a love of reading through fortnightly reading lessons. Students can pick from a large class library, or bring their own books in, to read, supported by teachers and teaching assistants.


Subject Area: English



Year 7

Year 8


Medieval fiction: Canterbury Tales (Lit and Lang) Detective Genre: The Hound of the Baskervilles (Lit and Lang)


Shakespeare: Julius Caesar (Lit and Lang) Play Adaptation: War Horse (Lit and Lang)


Romanticism: variety of poets from the Romantic era

(Lit and Lang)

WW1 Poetry (Lit and Lang)


Gothic: Frankenstein (Lit and Lang) Exploring and writing creative texts (Lit and Lang)


Newspapers: Comparing Victorian and Modern print

(Lit and Lang)

Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (Lit and Lang)


Poems from other cultures (Lit and Lang) Dystopian genre: The Hunger Games (Lit and Lang)


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