Geography is one of the few subjects that enables learners to make sense of, and provide answers to, a complex and dynamically changing world. It is therefore imperative that curriculum innovation utilises this aspect of Geography, whilst simultaneously stimulating and challenging learners to think critically and analytically about places, landscapes, societies and environments.

Geography is important because it feeds our hunger for knowledge and helps to assuage a curious mind. Most importantly Geography inspires learners to become global citizens by shaping and moulding our attitudes and responsibilities to other people, to the environment and to the sustainability of the planet. The decisions we make as learners and students of Geography will ultimately help shape the future world we live in.


Subject Area: Geography



Year 7

Year 8


An Introduction to Geography Can the Earth Cope?


Mapping Skills Mapping Skills


Moving planet: How our earth works Energy and resources (including sustainable development)


Living Planet: An introduction to ecosystems Rivers and Flooding


Mind the Gap: Global Development The Rise of the Megacity: Urbanisation in the 21st Century


Snowball earth: Glaciation Between Land and Sea: Issues on our coasts


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