For some students, Year 7 will be the first year of French or Spanish.  Others may have had some starter lessons in their primary school. That is no problem at all, as our course starts from the basics, but offers the ones who are already familiar with particular topics plenty of fun activities to extend their knowledge on that topic. Our Units of Learning are carefully designed to include interactive activities to enhance the students' learning.  There is a careful development of grammar and learning strategies introduced within suitable contexts, which ensures that students learn to use the language for their own needs.

Our aim is to combine a lively communicative approach with a clear structural grammatical progression.  The four skills - reading, listening, writing and speaking - are built up through purposeful and entertaining activities.

Each student should have their own bilingual dictionary.


Module Year 7 Year 8

Greetings, numbers, colour and classroom

Family, People, places and weather
2 Family and Friends Likes, sport, TV, friends, past
3 At home Clothes, excuses, perfect tense
4 Town Food
5 My day, school, routine Countries and holidays
6 Hobbies, free time Money and plans


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