Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) provides students with the skills, knowledge and values to make healthy and informed choices in life. Citizenship education provides the skills, knowledge and values to empower students to become well rounded and responsible citizens.

Ditton Park Academy values the importance of all our students building happy healthy relationships with each other and the adults they interact with. Through the carefully designed PSHE program the Academy aims to allow the students to develop and their explore thinking and communication techniques while having the confidence to critical evaluate information through the use of different teaching and learning techniques.  

PSHE covers importance of democracy, freedom of speech, respect and the rule of law and is embedded into lessons in all subject areas and is taught in standalone lessons where a safe and supportive environment is provided so an understanding of the importance of core values of Ditton Park Academy and the importance of resilience in developing an open mind set. 

Module Year 7 Year 8

Establishing ground rules.  Transition, friendship and personal targets.

Learning styles, studying skills and homework.

Think about careers



The function of money - personal budgeting.

Rights, responsibilities, diversity and bullying

Opportunities in learning and work.

Business understanding and enterprise skills


How did we get here?

Problems of evil and suffering

Diversity, prejudice, discrimination and racism

Personal values.

Relationships, friends and family.

Sex and relationships



Sex and relationships


Healthy lifestyle: eating and exercise.

Health, risk and peer influence, tobacco and alcohol.

Recognising and reducing risk

Tobacco and alcohol

Work roles and inspirations

Healthy lifestyle and risk

Alcohol and drugs


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